Guest safety and Precautions @ KAARA

We are here to serve you a warm & memorable stay with us, however being located in the midst of Corbett tiger reserve covered with dense forests, bushes & grasses. We would request to follow safety and precautions guidelines to your well-being and safety!

  • Since we are located adjacent to the jungle and rich Flora and fauna in the surrounding there would be chances of sighting monkeys, rodents, lizards, snakes and other insects around or within the property.

  • Please ensure proper safety shoes while taking a walk on the grass & surrounding corners where there might be a habitat of some rodents or snake.

  • Always use a flashlight while walking around or within the property wherever it is dark.

  • Always the keep your doors & Balcony closed when not in use to avoid any rodents or insects entering the room.

  • While walking in the jungle pathway always accompany a naturist or guide and follow the path made for walking.

  • Your safety first @ KAARA – As soon as you spot something of the above, please inform the front desk so that an immediate preventive action can be taken by the management.

  • Do not feed animals as they might get aggressive and your safety would be compromised.

  • Management always takes a check on the above as a prevention we always do the pest control and take other precautionary measures so as to avoid any such situation, however we urge our guests to be extra vigilant while enjoying the nature so as to avoid any injury or Accidents.

  • Immediate connect with us if anything above has happened to you so that a proper medical arrangement can be made immediately.